Yoga To Go hosts 200/500 hour  Ashtanga Yoga teacher training and Yoga retreats around the world. We offer courses in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Equador, US and many other inspirational locations.

Our Yoga retreats include cross training  with mountain biking, road cycling, surfing and pilates. Some of our retreats are cultural retreats that focus on art, food, wine and city exploration.

Yoga Retreats in

Italy, Morocco &  Equador

Yoga Retreats 24th October - 31st October 2015

Galapagos Islands


All inclusive Yoga retreat in the Galapagos Islands.

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Yoga Retreats 21st November - 23rd November 2015

Tuscany Cycling & Ashtanga Yoga


Tuscan Yoga Cycling retreat.

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Yoga To Go and Power Yoga Gran Canarias Yoga Teacher Training.

Our annual January training in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.